Welcome back to your educational journey with California Reconnect!

We understand that life is full of twists and turns, and sometimes the path to education is not a straight line. And you are not alone: Four million Californians have some college and no degree or credential. If you’re thinking about returning to school and could use someone in your corner, we’re here to help. Our dedicated Coaches are ready to support and empower you to return to college and finish what you started. That’s the power of California (CA) Reconnect.  

Coaching to help you return and complete college

CA Reconnect Coaches are here to support you to get back on track and work toward your educational goals. They specialize in working with students who are out of class and ready to return to their previous college or another California institution.

Coaches recognize that students take breaks from school for a variety of reasons — reasons that may be planned, unplanned or outside of the student’s control. Regardless, Coaches are here to guide and support you in making the transition back to school. They offer one-on-one holistic support through text, email and phone conversations.

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Learn more about what to expect from CA Reconnect Re-enrollment Coaching with Lead Coach, Jaima Mavity.

CA Reconnect Coaches provide personalized guidance to help you:

If you decide to move forward with re-enrollment, you’ll continue to work with a CA Reconnect Coach as you navigate your first semester back. It’s an extra level of support to give you the boost you need to achieve your goals.

Connect with your Coach

Be on the lookout for a message from your Coach. Simply reply to the message and you can virtually connect with your coach — over the phone, by email or in a text message. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Your Coach will also send a survey to help us better understand how to support you and future students.

Meet a few of your CA Reconnect Coaches


Conor is a dedicated Re-enrollment Coach with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Community Development from the University of Vermont, Conor brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to fostering community growth. 

As a former Men's Soccer Alumni and current Coach, Conor's love for the sport extends beyond the field. His experiences as a player have seamlessly transitioned into a coaching role, where he not only imparts technical skills but also mentors athletes towards personal and academic success. 

Outside the realm of academia and sports, Conor finds joy in the great outdoors. An avid adventurer, his hobbies include skiing down snow-covered slopes, camping under starlit skies, and navigating waters through kayaking and paddleboarding. Conor's zest for life and diverse interests make him a well-rounded individual who thrives on both personal and professional challenges. 

With a belief in the transformative power of education and the outdoors, Conor continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him, inspiring them to reach new heights and embrace the beauty of both learning and nature.


Jaima is a strong believer in the idea that everyone can benefit from having a coach or mentor to help them navigate the unknown. She identifies as a proud parent, a U.S. Navy veteran, and a Lead Student Success Specialist & Coach. Alongside serving within a rate of Naval Aviation, she trained, mentored, and career counseled a diverse community of military personnel while completing her first associate degree from the University of Maryland Global Campus. She then went on to complete her three bachelor's degrees with two associate degrees from Portland State University while navigating the newness of parenting. 

Following her graduation from college, she worked for a local non-profit supporting Native American and underserved communities in a variety of ways. Jaima began Student Success Coaching in 2020 which has increased her desire to help others advance towards their desired goals. 

Outside of Coaching, Jaima enjoys spending quality time with her family and community as well as taking on new adventures to enrich her life.


Melanie began Re-enrollment Coaching in November of 2021 to fulfill her mission of assisting students in successfully navigating their first semester back to school through personalized coaching. With a Master's degree in General Psychology, Melanie specializes in serving learners across the state of California who are seeking to re-enroll back in school to complete their degree.

Prior to Re-enrollment Coaching, Melanie built a strong background in the mental health field, working as a Counselor and a Behavioral Health Coach. In these roles, she provided invaluable guidance to individuals struggling with mental health challenges and substance abuse issues. This experience has equipped her with a profound understanding of the unique obstacles these individuals face, which she leverages to inform her coaching approach.

Melanie has a passion for guiding learners through the entire re-enrollment journey, from the initial stages of registration to the start of classes. Witnessing their determination to return to school and complete their degrees is a source of inspiration and fulfillment for her.

About California Reconnect

At California Reconnect, we believe in the transformative power of education and are on a mission to make it accessible to everyone. We are a dynamic coalition of nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting students who have taken a pause on their college journey, with a shared vision to create lasting positive change in education.

Over the next two years, CA Reconnect will join forces with 30 institutions across the state to identify and re-engage students who have stopped out with some college credit but no credential, empowering them with the resources and coaching support needed to re-enroll and succeed.

If that’s you, we encourage you to join CA Reconnect to rediscover your educational path, re-enroll with confidence, and build a brighter future. Let's improve higher education and unlock the doors to opportunity together!

CA Reconnect is currently supporting students who stopped out of these institutions:

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